Yoga and Yoga Therapy for Well Being

Minded Yoga Winchester


In this day and age, with constant stimulation to have more, buy more etc, it can be so difficult to allow ourselves to be with what we have and spend time really appreciating this, rather than wishing we had more or wishing our lives were different……..

“taking the time to smell the roses” is such a lovely phrase … and how often do we do this .. and actually stop, listen and be with what we have and what we are already?

Aprarigraha is usually defined as “non-greediness”; “non-possessiveness”  “non-grasping” and “non-attachment”.  Only having in life what we really need …it encourages us to separate our true needs from what are merely desires or wants of the mind.  Grasping life and material possessions can make lasting happiness harder to attain because the list of what we desire tends to spiral onward and upward .. and no sooner have we got something than we move on to wanting something else…

Instead of longing for more… it is important to take the time to appreciate what we already have .. fresh air, good memories, a country that is not at war, healthy food, friends, a healthy body, loving family, nature or some uplifting literature, the sun on our faces ……

Often we all become too attached to things or people … so perhaps let’s think about ridding ourselves of things that no longer serve us …release ourselves and let go…possessions take up space in our heads and home – it can be as simple as starting by every time we buy something new, throwing out something old ..

We can also use the breath to inhale deeply and as we exhale, let go of negative thoughts and feelings that are no longer of use to us ….

We can let go of painful memories from the past…. Forgiveness can make us feel so free and release energy spent holding onto blame, anger and  hatred…., none of which serve us in any way apart from filling us with negative thoughts

In life – in our practice – we often expect too much of ourselves.  Instead, we can make the best of what we do,  and then let go emotionally, physically, mentally …. Let go and stay open to guidance from within – we all have the power within us to trust and follow our inner wisdom.

Finally it can be a joy to practice self care .. when we are feeling under pressure and insecure we often cling to people who are close to us – let them be free and find the strength and wisdom that is deep within .. by nurturing ourselves, we will find ways to be strong and centred so we can be secure in our own independence and deep rootedness.

In our classes this week I mentioned Aparigraha and suggested we began to contemplate what it meant to us.

Our yoga practice can help us be and do all of the above .. it gives us the space, time to ground and find stability and a chance to connect with that deeper part of ourselves – the place where we can begin to make the difference.