Yoga and Yoga Therapy for Well Being

Minded Yoga Winchester


Well here we are at the start of what could be a very challenging time for us in the UK and the world at large, particularly for the more vulnerable populations.

After contemplation and receiving advice on how to best help keep infection from  the Coronavirus at bay I plan to continue with classes and courses as usual, however, in view of possible cross contamination I would ask the following please:

  1. Do not attend class within 14 days of return from overseas.
  2. Bring your own yoga mats, rugs and eye pillows to classes. For the time being and with immediate effect  I will not be providing these.
  3. Windows will be open during class to increase air flow.  This will mean it is even more cool than usual so please wear layers of warm clothes and bring rugs and socks for Shivasana at the end of the session

I plan to record a couple of the classes over the next few weeks in case we reach a point where I cannot run a group session any more.  I can then provide the recording to all yogis who normally come to class or to anyone who needs to self isolate.  At least then you will be able to easily practice a familiar yoga flow to boost yourself in the event that you are kept at home or cannot access a yoga class.

Keep well – eat a good variety of foods; support yourselves with immune boosting foods and vitamins; sleep well; drink plenty of water and get out in the fresh air. This will pass …. but at the moment it is part of all of our lives and should be respected. Keep breathing deep, into the belly, extending the exhale and using the ujjayi breath wherever possible …. keep your lungs strong and give them the best chance …

All will be well ….