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Yoga – There’s a reason it’s been around for 1000s of years!!

Yoga … there’s a reason its been around for 1000s of years!!

It ….🧘️reduces stress  🧘️increases the relaxation response 🧘️reduces sympathetic activity 🧘️ better sleep 🧘️ a stronger body & mind 🧘️a more flexible body & mind 🧘️increases positivity in  thoughts 🧘️boosts immune system 🧘️increases lung strength 🧘️focuses the mind 🧘️gives a new sense of purpose 🧘️ a sense of peace 🧘️gives a sense of connection … of Sangha!! 

I am so happy to say that, all being well, I plan to take my classes back to fully in person after Easter.  However before I set the plans in concrete I would like to know how you feel about this.  Covid, whilst still around in large numbers, is weakening in strength but some people are understandably nervous and it is important  to me that all opinions are respected. The lovely advantage is that with the weather getting warmer in April we should be able to take some of the classes into the garden.

With this in mind, whilst for the next half term all classes will stay online, I would like to offer the General Yoga Class at 5.50pm on Tuesdays, from 22nd February, as a Hybrid Class where you can either join me in person in my Yoga Room in Winchester (maxed out at 10 people) or live online if you would prefer to stay in the comfort and cosiness of your own home!   With effect from after Easter, if the trial run goes well,  all classes will be offered as a Hybrid option so you can have a choice depending on your personal situation.

In brief, below is the line up for classes wef 22nd February:

General Yoga Breathwork and Relaxation Classes

Tuesdays 10am and 5.50pm for 1hour 10 minutes

22nd February – 5th April inclusive

Block of 7 sessions – £63.00*   Drop in – £10.00

An intermediate class to include 10 minutes of breathwork to

awaken your energy, 50 minutes of asana flow and 10 minutes

of deeply relaxing guided yoga nidra/body scan

10am class online; 5.50pm class Hybrid- in person (max 10 people)

And online (please let me know which you prefer at the time of booking)

Yoga for Beginners

Wednesdays 11am-12noon

23rd February – 6th April inclusive

Block of 7 sessions – £63.00*   Drop in – £10.00


A gentle introduction to the breathwork & guidance to the postures

Ending with deeply relaxing meditative yoga nidra/body scan

Yoga for Stress

Wednesdays 9.30-10.30am

23rd February – 6th April inclusive

Block of 7 sessions – £63.00*  Drop in – £10.00


A class to provide a lifetime set of tools (a different one each week!)

to transform you to a place of calm;

to create space in a busy mind and give grounding &

stability in an uncertain world.  You will learn processes to help you relax at will,

sleep better and go back to sleep when you wake in the night. 

Breathwork, mindfulness, & movement on a mat or chair all ending with guided relaxation


*NB: When a payment is made in advance for a block of  sessions  the cost is reduced to £9.00 (normally £10.00 per session).  When booked and paid for this way the classes are not transferable if missed for any reason.  However, if at the time of booking you know you cannot make a session, please reduce your payment by the equivalent of the classes that will be missed