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What a gorgeous but changeable summer. Such vast contrasts of weather with sizzlingly hot days quickly followed by storms, torrential downpours and blustery winds …..but happily the overriding experience is of warmth which allows us to spend so much time enjoying the natural life outdoors. I do hope you have all managed to have some fun and laughter over the last few weeks, remembering that our lives can be just like the weather, very changeable, with some ups and downs, some sun and some rain …..and it all passes.

Even though we are still supposedly in the throes of summer and I am reluctant to turn towards its fading, many of you have asked about the yoga sessions of the new season. Autumn is a time for new beginnings, new terms, new resolves and ideas….. a time to commit to ourselves and to others and put new plans into action. With all this in mind please see the plans for the new sessions below:

Wednesdays at 10 am commencing 18th September 2019

18th September – 16th October inclusive (5 sessions) £45.00

6th November – 11th December inclusive (6 sessions) £54.00

Thursdays at 5.50pm commencing 19th September 2019

19th September – 17th October inclusive (5 sessions) £45.00

7th November – 19th December inclusive (6 sessions)  £54.00

Both classes will last for one hour 10 minutes.  The drop in price for any class is £11.00

Each of the classes will have a “golden nugget” of yoga philosophy flow through it, putting us in touch with the full power of yoga which affects every aspect of our lives. These “nuggets” will be based on the 8 Steps or Paths of Yoga, all of which help us to lead meaningful and purposeful lives, assisting us to get more satisfaction and joy from within and giving us moral and ethical codes on how to live with ourselves and act towards others. These 8 Limbs are:

  1.   Yamas; our integrity and behaviour within the world around us and taking our practices off the mat, out into the world at large
  2.   Niyamas; obervances and spiritual practices more focussed on ourselves but how we are affects the world and people around us too
  3.   Asana; yoga postures. By working with our body – our temple of spirit – we learn to focus and discipline ourselves and prepare are bodies for meditation …. by relaxing and stretching our body and easing aches and pains we can be steady and comfortable in our seated position.
  4.   Pranayama; breathwork – by mastering our breathing techniques we can affect our mind, body and emotions and thus calm and rejuvenate ourselves.
  5.   Pratchahara; the fifth limb is about withdrawal of the senses which allows us to remain unaffected by the external world and gain mastery of our inner world – thus taking a step back and seeing ourselves more clearly
  6.   Dharana; focussing our minds on a single point; bringing greater concentration and stepping closer towards meditation
  7.   Dhyana; now we learn to clear our mind; to let go of any focus and just empty the mind and allow it to be quiet … this becomes possible after we have worked through the previous 6 limbs ….. but it does take practice …
  8.   Samadhi – the state of “ecstasy” as defined by Patanjali – a state of connection and peace … a result of aspiration and practice, travelling through the previous 7 limbs of yoga …..

Don’t worry if this all sounds a bit much – the philosophy will be only touched upon each week and mentioned a couple of times lightly throughout our session together … the structure of the class will feel the same as it always has, a balance of calming, steadying, rejuvenating fun and curiosity alongside inquiry into what makes us “tick” and a wish to grow.

As always each session will involve breathwork; both powerful and relaxing asana and a blissful 10 minutes of deep guided meditative relaxation …..

In addition to the two weekly classes, during the Autumn term there will be a couple of meditation and sleep recovery workshop evenings on a Wednesday – more news later on these ….

Email me at if you would like to join a class or book a block ….