Yoga and Yoga Therapy for Well Being

Minded Yoga Winchester



“Your yoga sessions are the highlight of my week!”  Jo Duncombe

“I have suffered with anxiety & panic attacks for most of my adult life. I discovered yoga 4 years ago during a particularly bad time and it has given me a fantastic coping tool. Being able to control my breath & induce calm has been life changing. And with the wonderful side effect of having a toned body that the gym never gave me! I have also noticed that all my yoga instuctors have always looked ten years younger than their actual age!”

“Judith’s classes, in the calm surroundings of her studio, are something I really look forward to every week …… I go home with both my body and mind feeling refreshed and renewed. Judith is a warm and intuitive teacher and seems to understand exactly what we are all hoping to achieve”.

“Your yoga classes for me they’re like pressing my ‘reset’ button each week. It’s Goldilocks yoga – not too ‘ommy’ but not too ‘exercise-class’; plenty that is flowing and familiar but always a welcome jolt of a new posture or insight. Great mix, just right”

“Judith’s yoga class is one of the highlights of my week for the haven of tranquillity it offers. The teaching experience Judith is able to give us is outstanding. What she manages to impart in that hour – ranging from yoga postures, to leading us into a meditative state, to breath technique, to sharing wisdom and insight – is astonishing. The class a privilege to be a part of. I absolutely love the setting and the way that the music changes as we move through the different stages of the hour, from primordial beats to ethereal chants. Her generosity in sharing and passing on her knowledge inspires me to do the best I can. For the first time in twenty years I am succeeding in making yoga exercise and thinking a part of my daily life. My mobility, sleeping patterns and energy levels are all benefiting. Thank you Judith.”

“ I …… felt unravelled”

“In 2014 I attended a yoga retreat to help myself overcome problems & addictions, including an unhealthy relationship with alcohol & smoking.
The retreat was the first step, but in order to maintain recovery & healing, I wanted to continue my yoga practice.
I landed on my feet (& hands in downward facing dog, in this case) when I discovered Judith’s class.
It has done so much for me in order to stay focused on my recovery & journey back to good health – body, mind & spirit.
I can’t thank her enough”

“Brilliant thank you Judith! I loved it”

“Yoga with Judith has been both transformative and uplifting.
Small classes provide the perfect place for learning, and time for each student to develop at their own pace.
Judith’s teaching is full of warmth,wisdom,and understanding.
Highly recommended.””

“Just a quick note to say you are a wonderful teacher and one of the things I feel when I attend your class is that I can be whoever I am at that moment, that it’s totally ok if I am having one of those days when I am out of balance and focus, it’s ok if I turn my body left when it’s supposed to be right, that I can breathe out when everybody is breathing in…that I can be as different as I am and be One with everyone just the same. Not many teachers I know allow for this expression and hold space for the individual journey. You help me being more compassionate with myself. So thank you, Judith.”