Yoga and Yoga Therapy for Well Being

Minded Yoga Winchester


Staying in is still the new “going out” it seems!! The doors to the big wide world have been eased open again, we are taking a peek out and we will soon be free to do so much more than over the past few months. However, the doors may be open but many of us are being very cautious about poking our toes outside. To my mind this is a sensible way to be and each of us should enter this new world in our own unique style, taking time to check in to what feels “right” to us and not just following the masses like sheep.

Now presents a great opportunity for us to learn more about ourselves and by doing so, grow. A lovely practice is to reflect and really notice how we feel in our body: what happens to our heart rate? our breath? and our shoulders? when someone pops the question: “How about coming round for a glass or two?” “Come to us for a barbie!” or “Lets all go to the beach today!”……

It is most certainly a time of joy, to remember how we felt three months ago and compare with how we feel now in contrast, but also noticing there are different aspects of this new life which are now creating stress. As long as we have the tools to deal with this we will be just fine. If we keep ourselves calm and grounded, the front part of our brain will continue to work well, helping us to make sensible, objective and well thought out decisions as to what suits our personal needs, the best.

With this in mind I am offering a FREE copy of a Yoga Nidra Recording I made last year. Listening to this after lunch or before sleeping at night … or if you need some calm at any time, will help invoke the relaxation response in your body. Please email me at for your copy.  Over the next couple of days I will make a recording of the “Star” Yoga Nidra which I know many of you really enjoy, and I will share this with you soon.