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Hello yoga warriors!!

Welcome to the New Year full of hope and new things to come…

As we sit on the cusp of the new year its kinda nice to think that the darkness is behind us in so many ways and there is a beautiful new dawn rising in front of us. I have set my intentions for the new way forward and as always know that the only change I can make is to myself and then everything else will fall into place around me. It’s all about choices … we have a choice to fight or accept; grow or just stay as we are; lead our life to the best of our ability or just keep doing the “same old” … …remembering that nothing will change if we do not commit to making it change and it all starts right HERE!

As nothing in life stands still and our yoga practice teaches us to go with the flow, like a river flowing around the rocks, in and out of the crevices, so we too can learn to flow with our life as it takes its many twists and turns . In amongst this constant change, however, we do need to have some steadiness to keep us grounded and present and help us deal with the fluctuations around us. Setting up a wonderful routine for our body and mind is one way of doing this!! Feeling our bare feet on the frosty ground (as I know some of you have been doing already!) is another!

How about starting with a couple of POP-UP live streamed yoga sessions this coming week? 

Sunday 3rd January Free Flow Yoga Session   9.00am – 10.10 am  

(A one-off free-flow with me ….to kick start the week … a mix of high and low impact postures – a fun class ending with 10 minutes of relaxation in shivasana)

Tuesday 5th January   General Yoga Session   10am – 11.10 am

Thursday 7th January General Yoga Session  5.50pm – 7pm

(both the General Sessions will flow with the breath, working on the core and shoulders but integrating the whole body to build strength and flexibility – this session will be repeated over the following 5 Tuesday mornings/Thursday evenings in the blocks of sessions – our bodies just love routine!)

Thursday 7th January Yoga for Anxiety 5.50pm – 7pm

(Great for anyone struggling with anxiety or stress … gentle breathwork and movement introducing tools to take away with you to bring calm and peace and a better nights sleep)

 All the above classes can be booked by emailing me…. £9.00 one session, £15.00 for two, £20 for three – the fourth is free!! 

I like to keep a balance of quality and affordability .. however if your income is reduced or you are a key worker then please let me know … nobody will ever be turned away from yoga! 

Namaste …..