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LOCKDOWN YOGA CHALLENGE – LETS GROW! Classes start again this week!!

So, another lockdown is on its way … and naturally this brings uncertainty and concern. But let’s focus on the positive:- at least we know a little more what to expect this time. Also we can do so much to help ourselves in challenging times – as the quote above says “we can always control what goes on inside” – and I believe it is down to each and every one of us to do what is necessary to keep ourselves healthy and safe. This includes ensuring we are as physically and mentally as strong as we possibly can be. This way, if we do get the virus, – or any other bug – then our body will fit enough have more of a chance to fight it.

There are so many ways to boost our mental and physical self and whilst we cannot control the virus, we can import agency for ourselves and control the way we feel and what we think and do…………….

So how can we help ourselves in the best way possible?

  • Stay away from the news …. Just log in once a day to get the highlights and then leave it alone and focus on something else more positive – this will make a huge difference to where your mind is and thinks…
  • Exercise ….Get up as early as possible and get going …. Once we are up and have done something to energise and activate our body and mind we always feel better
  • Fresh air ……. Try to get outside at least once a day and really see and appreciate everything available in the natural world – autumn colours, a tree, flower, animal or bird, the stars and the moon
  • Dance – yes, why not put on some music and have a bop, activate your body and smile … reflect on the good times when you have danced before, and know there will be more good times in the future …
  • Eat regularly and well … include as many different colours as possible in each meal
  • Our bodies love routine Go to bed and get up at the same time every day .. you will notice a difference
  • Practice yoga!! Of course!!! (or any movement that you enjoy)
  • Achieve something, no matter how small, every day – this can be as simple as a walk, writing a letter, sending a card, making something (a cake, collage, paint a picture, draw a Christmas Card, tidy that drawer, clean the bathroom – anything at all.) Achieving something makes us feel better and we can tick it off our list.
  • Journal … express your feelings, concerns, happiness on paper. This can be very therapeutic and lovely to reflect back on

And for those of you who do love to have yoga as part of your weekly routine perhaps NOWis the time to step up and grow your practice and incorporate it into a daily routinestarting Thursday …….And the Lockdown is offering a great opportunity to do just this.


When you join the coming half term of Minded Yoga classes, will send you a 20 minute recording of a daily practice which will include:

  • mindfulness and breathwork to ground;
  • releasing, flexing, strengthening yoga postures;
  • guided relaxation …

If you cannot join the sessions but would still like a copy of this recording then please let me know …. And I will forward it to you …

If you practice every single morning I can assure you that you will not look back. The practice will wipe the slate clean and set you up for the day ahead. Doing it as part of your getting up process, perhaps straight after a bath/shower is the best time as it will energise and awaken your whole being; balance your central nervous system and focus the mind. Just before supper or before bed are also good times to practice too … it’s a personal thing…..

Remember – your body and mind will thank you for it …. And so will the people with whom you interact. They will notice the difference.