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“Live your life as if everything you do will eventually be known” – Satya

One of my favourite inspirational quotes is: “Live your life as if everything you do will eventually be known.”  (Hugh Prather)

Now that is a tall order and rather daunting but it’s a wonderful prompt as to how we might like to try to live our lives.  Crafting a life based in truth is one of the Yamas of YogaSatya. Literally translated it means truthfulness and practicing satya means being truthful in our thoughts, words and deeds.

During our yoga sessions last week we contemplated this practice and what that might mean to us as individuals and through our connection with others.

Live and speaking as authentically can be a hard one as sometimes the most difficult challenge is being true to ourselves and even knowing what that means.  Alongside Satya we can also bear in mind the Yama of Ahimsa, non-harm to self or others, meaning  that we have to be careful to speak the truth in a way that will cause no harm to another.  This means no knee- jerk responses, but taking a pause before responding to any stimulus that might trigger an immediate and automatic patterned response in us.   Living our Truth creates respect, honour and integrity and helps provide the vision to see the higher truths of our yogic journey. It also keeps life much more simple.  We can help ourselves move forward with the idea of being our authentic selves when we are on our mats, a place of safety and calm.

We will already have noticed that yoga allows us to breathe deeply, connect to our inner selves, to let go of any façade and connect back to our true being.  We can practice on our mat standing firm in our truth (warrior is a great posture for this) and being our true selves (in mountain pose, for example), being honest, not trying to be something we are not,  closing our eyes and committing to ourselves to stay truthful and take the peace and truth we find on our mats out into the world ….

Somehow I found myself linking this to Coronavirus.  There is an honesty,  openness and great leveller that this virus has brought to the fore.  There is nowhere to hide .  Coronavirus has made us realise that no matter what we may think,  we are all equal in this. It is a virus that will seek anyone and everyone out no matter what race, age, gender, and background.  We all have to look out for each other and have no choice.   If we become ill or are carrying the virus we can hand it on to others who may be more vulnerable than ourselves and this could be life threatening for them. We just cannot only think of ourselves but realise we all share the same world, air, earth and environment.   In this, as in everything, we are all part of one universal energy and what we do and how we act affects all those around us.

This week we will look at the third yama, Asteya, “non-stealing”. Please let me know if you would like to drop in to either of the general classes on Wednesday at 10 am or Thursday at 5.50pm.

Finally with the Coronavirus in mind and to avoid any cross-infection I would be grateful if you could remember to bring your own mats and props to class. For more information please see