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Minded Yoga Winchester


Joyous June is almost here and with the Queens Jubilee next week we have even more  great reasons to celebrate  …. Soooo here are my plans for the next few sessions!!

JUBILEE WEEK … from 30th May 2022

You are welcome to come along to any class next week in your red, white and blue either online or in person!!

  • Tuesday

General Class 10am and 5.50pm

-a fun mixed ability class focussing on every part of the body, suitable for beginners and more experienced alike, ending in a deep guided relaxation

  • Wednesday

Yoga for Stress 9.30am – yoga and breathwork using tools to reduce the heartrate, anxiety and stress, or boost low mood …. Ending with deep guided relaxation

Chair Yoga/Beginners/Gentle Class for Beginners 11am – a gentler class to include movement, breathwork and psychoeducation behind yoga – can be either on a chair or the floor .. your choice!

All Classes: £10.00 or £9.00 if booked and paid for in advance

Next Blocks of Therapeutic Yoga Classes wef 6th June 2022

General Yoga Classes

Tuesdays 10 am and 5.50pm

7th June – 2nd August excl 21st June (8 sessions/£72.00* or £10 Drop In)

– A general  therapeutic yoga class suitable for all .. focussing on breathwork, strengthening and flexing the whole body with a special focus on the shoulders and hips;  always ending in a deep guided meditative Yoga Nidra

Yoga to Reduce Stress

Wednesdays 9.30 am

8th June – 3rd August excl 22nd June (8 sessions/£72.00* or £10 Drop In)

–  a gentle breathwork and movement class offering tools to calm the nervous system, support sleep and boost mood & immunity

Chair Yoga/Yoga for Beginners

8th June – 3rd August excl 22nd June (8 sessions/£72.00* or £10 Drop In)

Wednesdays 11 am -– a gentle yoga class to introduce the philosophy, movement and breathwork behind the ancient practice of yoga.  Your choice as to whether to practice on a chair or mat. This class will help you build strength and flexibility as well as bring deep relaxation. No experience necessary.

NB All Classes are Hybrid – online and in person

**NB: When a payment is made in advance for a block of  sessions  the cost is reduced to £9.00 (normally £10.00 per session).  When booked and paid for this way the classes are not transferable if missed for any reason.  However, if at the time of booking you know you cannot make a session, please reduce your payment by the equivalent of the classes that will be missed

Please share this post …there is a **FREE** class for you if you bring a new yogi to any class!!