Yoga and Yoga Therapy for Well Being

Minded Yoga Winchester


Ciara Brimfield, 34, from Winchester, Hampshire, has endured panic attacks and severe anxiety since her late teens. A short course in Minded Yoga ignited an ongoing passion and offered a ‘toolbox’ to deal with panic and stress. She is now studying yoga with the hope of teaching others…  

I have practiced yoga and meditation on and off for years but in the past two years I have begun to really understand the value of my yoga practice and how it positively impacts my daily life.

Since the age of 18 I have suffered panic attacks and panic disorder, severe anxiety, and bouts of depression. I was on a lot of medication in recent years and started practicing yoga more regularly as a way to find some balance and calm within myself and my life.

Ciara reveals how yoga has equipped her with a set of tools to deal with the panic and anxiety she’s endured since she was 18

A friend recommended I sign up for an eight-week minded yoga course and I can honestly say that it has changed my life. It’s given me the most incredible tools that I carry with me throughout my day-to-day life. It has encouraged me to look at how I deal with anxiety, stress and overwhelm in a new and positive way. But most importantly, it’s enabled me to reset and realign – and to really start a journey of yoga and meditation that will be with me throughout my life.

I am now medication-free for the first time in years. My ability to deal with the feelings of panic that often would leave me house-bound have come from pranayama and yogic breathing techniques.

I am studying a yoga immersion course to help me learn more about the history and philosophy of yoga, but I would love to teach people who have/do struggle with mental health issues.

I truly believe that if yoga was taught in schools, provided on the NHS as a form of treatment for anxiety and depression that there would be an overall reduction in people taking medication and people really getting to the heart of what causes them stress and unease. Yoga is by far the greatest gift we can give to our overall well-being and I want to learn more to be able to help others to find that too.