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Sending you all heartfelt wishes for a peaceful and joyous holiday period.  Also gratitude to the many of you who have brought your beautiful energy to my yoga classes and private sessions throughout 2019.

As those of you who know me well are aware, I am passionate about yoga and the huge difference it can make to lives.  Only today I received a letter from someone who says that yoga has changed their life and helped them to release pain in their body and find more peace – through nothing more than working with themselves.  Nothing is needed externally to make a change – we all have the power within us.

As Gandhi said“Be the change you wish to see”

With this in mind I am hoping soon, and indeed, have been asked,  to work within the National Health Service to encourage those with health challenges, both mental and physical,  to find their way to a sense of calm and peace through yoga, either instead of, or alongside, traditional treatment.

New Yoga Course for Beginners … including working to strengthen and release troublesome Backs

This course is for beginners or for those who would just like to work a little deeper on individual poses. Many people attend yoga classes but never have the opportunity to really understand what each pose means, how it can be used to help the body flex and strengthen and above all how to align the posture correctly in order to receive the greatest benefit.   Each pose can ground and release us, stretch and strengthen, and bring us a sense of calm.

As so many people struggle with a bad back and as my journey into yoga started by a wish to reduce my spinal degeneration, I have decided to incorporate back strengthening postures within this programme.

For more about this course starting on Wednesday 8th January please click

General Yoga Classes commencing 8th January 2020

There are some spaces remaining in the above general classes so please contact me if you would like one of them to be yours.

Christmas can be a period of stress for many ….families coming together can re ignite deeply felt emotions and angst …. but it can be much more a time of great joy and love. During this holiday period try to remember that it is not what happens to us that really matters, but how we receive and deal with it that is important.  It is wise to remember that when we feel our “buttons being pushed” to just take a small amount of time out to pause,  focus on our feet on the ground and breathe slowly up from the ground and back down again – for at least 6 breaths … take time to re-connect to our inner stillness and to put things back into perspective.

All that remains is to wish you  a wonderful and joyous Christmas and I look forward to seeing so many of you in the New Year 2020.