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Minded Yoga Winchester

General Yoga Classes – online

*** All classes are now streamed live online via Zoom.  If you would like to join in please let me know and if you haven’t done so already you can download the free app here

I will send you a Zoom invitation to join the relevant session once you have booked your class and paid for the session/block. We generally meet around 10 minutes before the start of the class giving an opportunity to chat and share our news.    I suggest you have your microphone and video on when we meet and then turn them both off for the session, turning them back on again at the end to say goodbye!

**Please note that all prices are reduced by around 10% while classes are online**

“To calm the fluctuating mind”

The aim of the general yoga sessions is to bring deep relaxation, rejuvenation, strength and grounding and above all a sense of peace and overall wellbeing.


Wednesdays 10.00 am – 11.10 am (General Class)

Thursdays       5.50pm – 7.00 pm  (General Class)

Each session brings a quiet reflection and pranayama (breathwork) at the start, followed by a flow of yoga postures weaving into the breath, using postures to raise the energy up and then bring it down, bringing resilience to the central nervous system.  The session ends with at least 10 minutes of deep guided meditative relaxation.


Drop-in to one class : £10.00

Block of sessions: If paid in advance for a block of  sessions  the cost is reduced to £9.00(normally £10.00 per session).  When booked and paid for this way the classes are not transferable if missed for any reason.  However, if at the time of booking you know you cannot make a session, please reduce your payment by that amount.


WEDNESDAYS 10am – 11.10am

8th July – 12th August (inclusive) with a break on 29th July  (5 sessions)

THURSDAYS 5.50pm – 7.00pm

9th July – 13th August (inclusive) with a break on 30th July  (5 sessions)

Both classes will last for one hour 10 minutes.

Each of the general classes will have a “golden nugget” of yoga philosophy weaving through it, putting us in touch with the full power of yoga which affects every aspect of our lives. These “nuggets” will be based on the 8 Steps or Paths of Yoga, the 7 Chakras or the Koshas, all of which help us to lead meaningful and purposeful lives, assisting us to get more satisfaction and joy from within and giving us moral and ethical codes on how to live with ourselves and act towards others.

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Please email me at if you would like to book a block of sessions or individual class