Yoga and Yoga Therapy for Well Being

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“The mind is compared to the surface of a lake ruffled by the wind. And thus the purpose of yoga is to cause the wind to subside and allow the waters to return to stillness. When the wind blows, the waves break and distort the reflections so that they can be seen only as a Continue reading »

What is yoga? Introducing the 8 Limbs …

Yoga practice brings us medium and long term rewards for the mind, body and soul.  It feels so much better to inhabit a looser, freer body than a contracted, tight, bound up one.  Yoga can yield a pretty instant “feel-good” effect and by integrating all parts that make up the self, yogis can sense a Continue reading »


Namaste Yogis! I have just returned from a glorious week’s holiday in the tropics giving me the opportunity to re-charge the batteries and take time to just “be” ….. something I find very difficult in this 24/7 life we lead.   At one point, whilst I was lying on my back on the ground under Continue reading »


“ The living are soft and yielding. The dead are rigid and stiff. Living plants are flexible and tender. The dead are brittle and dry. Those who are stiff and rigid are the disciples of death. Those who are soft and yielding are the disciples of life.  The rigid and stiff will be broken.  The Continue reading »


Namaste Yogis What a beautiful weekend we have had with the extended summer sunshine … I hope you have all had the opportunity to spend some time outside gathering the rays…… During our classes we usually practice double breathing at the end of the session during Shivasana and sometimes at the start to help us Continue reading »

Yoga for Anxiety

Do you think that, if you could do just one thing, that yoga, breathwork, mindfulness or meditation help anxiety the most?