Yoga and Yoga Therapy for Well Being

Minded Yoga Winchester

BEGINNERS YOGA …..An introduction to the power of yoga!


Wednesdays 11am-12 noon

23rd February – 6th April inclusive

Block of 7 sessions:  £63.00 (Drop-in £10.00)

Would you like to connect to the  amazing power and energy deep within you? Did you know that you are stronger than you think?!! We need not be limited by our beliefs – we are so much more!! 

“I slept until 6 am after the yoga last night !!

From normally waking up at 2 or 3 am, 6 is a dream ! 

I’m a front line nhs worker and insomnia is affecting many of my staff.”

During the classes you will learn to:

  • move the body to release tension & build strength & flexibility
  • learn breathing techniques to calm the mind, build resilience, create new neural pathways & help release/change unwanted patterns of thought and behaviour
  • feel into your body, connect to your deepest energy
  • be curious about what makes you the wonderful human being you are …..
  • connect to your inner peace and calm

“I’m soooo enjoying (the classes) and it’s really helping to keep me grounded during

these stressful times. Thank you for being such an inspiring and caring yoga instructor,

it really is hugely appreciated.”    

Suitable for everyone … 18-80 years & beyond!   

Total beginners welcome!

These sessions will prepare you to join the General Yoga Classes

“Thank you for such a wonderful gift of yoga.  I can now get onto the floor with ease to

play with my grandchildren!”