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8 Week Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation Course to Reduce Stress & Enhance Wellbeing ..


next Eight Week Course runs from Wednesday 8th January 2020 with a break on 19th February 2020 (Half Term)

“This course has quite literally changed my life. It’s given me the most incredible tools that I will carry with me throughout my day-to-day life.  It has encouraged me to look at how I deal with anxiety, stress, and overwhelm in a new and positive way. But most importantly, it’s enabled me to reset and realign – and started a journey of yoga and meditation that I am so excited for and eager to continue.  Judith is such a nurturing and inspiring teacher – I can’t wait to do it all again”  

Would you like to learn ways to reduce stress, lift the darker moments, ease anxiety and bring joy and meaning back into your life? To learn research-based tools that change the way your brain works and  that you can use continually throughout the rest of your life?

·          Do you ever feel overwhelmed and stressed out?

·         Are you unable to see things clearly and keep perspective?

·         Do you have difficulty sleeping and relaxing?

 Then this is the course for you!!

Imagine feeling empowered with a toolkit of natural resources to support your wellbeing.  Whether it is learning psychological skills so that you no longer feel controlled by your thoughts and emotions, learning to breathe well and reduce anxiety, learning how to get a better night’s sleep or how to relax and energise yourself naturally.

This research-driven Eight Week Course is made up of weekly twohour sessions, each one focussing on a different tool to help you find calm in your mind and gain a new perspective on your life.    The classes are kept to a maximum of 10 students and consist of yoga postures, mindfulness, meditation and a focus on a topic to help enable change to take place.

 ·         Weeks 1–2: you are taught how to regulate and understand your emotions through using the breath.  The breath (just as with yoga postures) can be used to energise or to quieten the nervous system and you will learn how to engage the breath to activate or calm your mind and body

 ·         Week 3: we will begin to explore mindfulness through working with the body

 ·         Weeks 3-5: we look at how to understand emotional wellbeing through listening to the body

 ·         Weeks 6-8: having built strength and resilience over the previous weeks we are then ready to start to work with the mind, engaging in practices which will enable you to view and adapt your mental patterns in new and more helpful ways

 Each week the theme builds upon and develops the previous week’s learning and at the end of each session there is a chance to discuss what you have learned, although this is optional

 NB. No previous experience of yoga is necessary.

 All mats and props are provided.

 Just a few of the testimonials received from people who have completed this life-changing course:

 “The course changed me forever and how I deal with stress – I now sleep at night!”

 “This course is amazing. It has made a huge difference to me and how I approach difficulties in life. I feel more positive and content than I have for years.” 

 “My transformation over the last few weeks has been remarkable for me to experience.”

 “It has been life changing for me. I know people say that, but it is absolutely true for me. The course has enabled me to find ‘me’ again, which had been buried for years under layers of self-doubt. And, in combination with some other things, I’ve discovered the path I want to take for the next period of my life and I’ve had the courage to start on that path.”

NEXT COURSE: runs from Wednesday 8th January 2020 with a break on 19th February (School Half Term)

TIME: 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm

VENUE:  The Yoga Room  13 Edgar Road  Winchester SO23 9TW

 INVESTMENT: £240.00 includes:

·         16 hours of teaching

·         comprehensive manual and i-tunes download

·         Telephone support

EARLYBIRD PRICE : £200 if booked and paid for in full by midnight on 30th November 2019

DEPOSIT: to reserve your place £50 deposit (this goes towards your final payment)


REGISTRATION: please email or call 07973 600382 for application forms

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