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We have entered not only a new year but also a new decade.   I can remember when as a child in the 60s I used to think that 1984 (the title of George Orwells “futuristic” book) seemed so far off and we thought the world would be such an unrecognisable place then.  But here we are in 2020 – a world of skyscrapers; pin-head sized computers; 24/7 working; travel across the world in hours not days; limb and organ transplants as routine; self drive and electric cars; remotely-controllable homes; and …. sadly, still wars, extreme poverty, starvation, abuse and corruption, in addition to the fear of the effect of climate change on our lives and beautiful natural world. If we allow ourselves to take some time out of our 100-mile-an-hour lives, there is so much to reflect upon …….

In our yoga sessions during 2020 I am, as always, planning to intertwine various thought provoking themes with our postures, starting this week with a connection to the Winter Solstice.  Whilst we all find the summer heat and light so attractive, the winter, and particularly the solstice which marks the shortest darkest day, represents a shift from darkness into light.  As such it is aligned with a sense of hope, however distant.  It is that wonderful time of year for nesting, burrowing deep into our lives and yoga postures, reconnecting with the quiet and still, reflecting on what has been and what will be.  A time for allowing everything to settle and be processed.  Though the coldest part of winter still lies ahead, there is more light every day and this brings positivity and hope for our future.

Can we allow ourselves to be in the darkness and find a sense of ease in the stillness and hold faith that there is light ahead, knowing that without darkness, we cannot know the light!?

Our yoga practice helps us to be with whatever comes into our lives, knowing that, like the winter it will pass and give way to new life.

I hope your year will be filled with happiness, health and peace and may you find all you wish for arising out of this new beginning.

I look forward so much to welcoming you into one of my classes, whether it be for general yoga, a beginners foundation course, meditation, restorative yoga or a yoga for sleep workshop