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10 Ways to Feel More Grounded – The Power of Grounding

“When the root is deep there is no need to fear the wind”

African Proverb


Week 4 of the 8 Week Course to Reduce Stress that I teach is all about the wonderful power of grounding and if we know how to ground ourselves when we feel uprooted and pushed around by Life it can have a very powerful effect.

To be truly grounded is to be able to be with the natural ebb and flow of life – the darker times alongside the light ones –  whilst not being catapaulted from a place of  inner calm. It is not achieved by trying to contrive to ground ourselves falsely with external “add-ons”, but by staying true and connected to how we feel and gently allowing ourselves to be with those feelings no matter how tough they might be.

We ground ourselves in our yoga practice on a regular basis by focussing on the parts of the body that are in contact with the earth, by breathing up and down, from and to the ground and sometimes by engaging the large muscle groups of the buttocks and thighs.

In addition we can access more subtle forms of grounding by:

Making time every day to do something which brings us joy.  When we are joyful we are not stressed.  When we are not stressed our whole being acts more efficiently and the body and mind are more clear.

Not rushing forward if our feet are not firmly planted on the ground.  Rushing into things before we are fully ready or prepared will not help us; just as when, in yoga, our feet are not fuly grounded, our upper body will waiver and falter and our practice will be unstable. We should not rush recklessly forwards in life without exploration and mindfulness, not running before we can walk…

Nourishing ourselves with good sleep practicesA regular bedtime routine to include going to bed and getting up at  the same time each day brings stability to our lives and internal system.  Our body and mind respond well to routine.

Eating regularly with a good balanced colourful diet provides our body with what it needs to be healthy and stable.

Having some faith  If we take good care of ourselves and have  trust, the universe will be there to support us.  In this world of constant pressure it is very easy to not look after ourselves and give ourselves enough time.  We should not underestimate the influence of feeling better on our financial wellbeing. Productivity arises from personal presence and not from anxiously chasing a dream.

Practicing yoga, mindfulness and meditation every day – even if it is only for 10 or 20 minutes – little and often has a deep rooted, long, positive and cumulative effect on our whole being.

Reading inspirational books .. read whatever feeds your soul and your mental creation of yourself and makes you feel motivated and positive.

Practice grounding  with the breath and the body

Being kind to others …. This provides us with a sense of internal goodness which stabilises us … but we cannot give from an empty cup, so this practice has to start with kindness to ourselves.

Spend time with nature or in the garden …it nurtures our soul, especially if we walk barefoot ….there is nothing like getting our hands into the earth or the feeling of bare feet walking on dewy grass early in the morning

Keep your feet on the ground and your eyes on the stars!!