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NEXT EIGHT WEEK YOGA MEDITATION AND MINDFULNESS COURSE TO REDUCE STRESS AND ENHANCE WELLBEING  starts Wednesday 8th January 2020 at 7pm with a break on 19th February (School Half Term)


About Me

I am Judith Davis and I discovered yoga some 30 years ago just after having my two children. A bad back, probably from too much lifting of babies and toddlers, lead me to experiment with many core strengthening yoga postures. Before long, however, I realised that a bad back was not just about just working with tummy muscles, it was more a question of working holistically with the whole of the body and mind, in other words, the whole being.

Teaching from the depth of my being, I know that the body and the mind are inextricably linked.

I believe that, before we can be really free we have to grow deep roots and find a firm foundation and stability both in the mind and the body. Working with the body, we can see that to develop flexibility we first need to build strength in the muscles to give support to the body. Just like a tree – once it has grown its deep roots and foundations, then the branches and leaves can be available to move about freely in the wind and air. We too, once we have ensured we are well and truly grounded, can find our freedom of movement and flexibility in the body and creativity of mind.

I was taught in recent years by my guru, Steve Harrison of the Yoga Sanctuary in Southampton. My teaching is free flowing and natural, with movement entwined around the breath. The yoga postures flow imperceptibly one from the other, just as the inhale transfers silkily into the exhale…. My aim is for students to leave my classes feeling deeply relaxed, rejuvenated, revived, strengthened and toned – equally ready to face a busy day or a deep night’s sleep.

Initially, I trained at The Yoga Sanctuary, Southampton, on a 200-hour Teacher Training Course, followed by an Advanced Training on the Philosophy of Yoga

In 2013 I undertook an 18 month 500- Hour Minded Institute Yoga Therapy Course in London with Heather Mason  As a result I have a Yoga Therapy Practice, Minded Yoga Winchester, alongside my general Yoga Awakening activity.

I teach in the following ways, continually wishing to deepen my practice and share the wonderful world of yoga with others:

  • privately (one-to-one yoga or yoga therapy for stress and stress related disorders such as depression and anxiety)
  • general classes
  • in Her Majesty’s Prison Winchester
  • at Southampton University
  • in companies, large and small
  • leading the renowned Eight-Week Course to Reduce Stress and Enhance Well-Being

I have been a Supervisor for The Minded Institute for many years and offer supervision and support for Yoga Therapists

If you are interested in any of the above please contact me at


“The Buddha was asked, “what have you gained from meditation?” He replied “nothing!” However, let me tell you what I have lost: anger, anxiety, depression, insecurity, fear of old age and death…”